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Council Tax and Annual Audit

Parish Council Budget for  2021-2022

By the time you read this you will have received your 2021/22 Council Tax bill from Lichfield District Council. This shows the
amount due to your Parish Council is just £50 for a typical property (band “D”), which equates to less than £1 per week. Although someone
once said “isn’t it appropriate that the first month of the tax year begins with April Fool’s Day and ends with cries of May Day”, we need
to keep the Parish Council’s share of your bill in perspective. We have estimated that for next year we need an extra £2.30 per household –
equivalent to an increase of 5.5% or just less than 5p per week. This will give the Council an extra £2,627 in total for the whole year.
One of the Parish Council’s key objectives is to provide a good range of community amenities and of course to also maintain the facilities
we already have, including the 4 parks that we all enjoy. Another objective is to improve the appearance of the Parish. I will now explain how we have spent your money last year. With over 300 trees, excluding numerous conifers, to look after one of our biggest costs is to make sure those trees are in good condition. During the year we paid £2,600 for a tree survey and spent a further £8,500 doing tree surgery work at Whittington Woods, Swan Park, and Bit End Field. This work will continue into the new financial year. In addition we have spent £15,000 on general Grass cutting and Grounds Maintenance. Another major cost is spent on General Maintenance, and hopefully you will have noticed that most of our play
equipment has been spruced up, with painting taking place at both Noddington Park and Swan Park. In order to comply with Health and Safety
regulations we have had all our equipment inspected and repaired as necessary costing in total £5,800.
For 2021/22 the Council Tax for Whittington and Fisherwick (£50.00) is significantly lower than for neighbouring parishes; Elford (£56.76), Fradley
and Streethay (£73.29), Harlaston (£53.54). In fact out of 25 parishes in the Lichfield District the average Parish Council Tax is £52.57. So how are we going to spend the additional £2,627 that we are going to raise for 2021/22? In terms of day to day expenditure not much is changing. Inflation is very low at the moment so this isn’t causing any pressures. However the Council is increasingly concerned with the Climate Emergency and the loss of biodiversity generally that we want to do our bit to turn things around. We have created a Reserve of £1,500 for Environmental Survey costs which might be needed for example if the Baxters Field project materialises. We have also put another £480 into the Tree Works Reserve and another £1,000 into the Recreational Areas Reserve. Let’s not forget also that your Parish Council is the only type of local authority serving you that has unpaid Councillors; there are 15 who meet at least every month without any pay. The full budget details are included on the Parish Council’s website. Should you have any questions please contact the Parish Clerk.

Cllr Christine Millar – Chair of the Finance Committee
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