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Council Tax and Annual Audit

Parish Council Budget 2020-2021

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes”. However as a Parish Council we want you to dodge the former and have a long and enjoyable life in Whittington and Fisherwick, and to charge you the minimum we can whilst you are here to enjoy it.
It is interesting to note that for every £1 that you pay in Council Tax to Lichfield District Council, just 2½p of this is given to your Parish Council. Our costs have been kept as low as possible by putting all our key services out to tender, such as grasscutting, grounds maintenance and tree surgery. In fact new contracts will be in place from April for most of these services. Let’s not forget also that your Parish Council is the only type of local authority serving you that has unpaid Councillors; there are 15 who meet at least every month without any pay.
During the current financial year (2020/21) the Council Tax for Whittington and Fisherwick (£47.39) is significantly lower than for neighbouring parishes. Notwithstanding the above, the Council is not complacent and wants to offer you the best possible value for money. In November and December we scrutinised all our costs and income to make sure that the overall charge to you is kept as low as possible. One factor prominent in the minds of Councillors was the high levels of praise received this year for the improved appearance of the Parish. If you recall from last year’s Budget report in Connect we informed you that the Parish Council has put money in the budget for the first time specifically to address the weed problem, overgrown hedges along the highways, and kerb clearing. This was due to the County Council cutting back on doing this work. In fact we have just heard that the County Council are only going to pay the Parish Council for 6 grass cuts next year instead of the 8 they have paid for up to now. The Parish Council will need to compensate for this.
Another super project completed this year was the redesign and rebuilding of the BMX track at Jubilee Park, which received numerous favourable comments from users. If you haven’t tried it yet please do so – its great fun but wear the right clothes.
We have estimated that for next year we need an extra £2.68 per household – equivalent to an increase of 6% or just 5p per week per typical household. This will give the Council an extra £2,625 in total for the whole year. Why do we need this:
(i) Extra money for more Grasscutting and Grounds Maintenance £1,000; (ii) Increase in Caretaker Hours £1,200; (iii) Inflationary increases based on the Retail Price Index (net) / Other £425; TOTAL =£2,625

The full budget details are included on the Budget Page of this website. Should you have any questions on the budget please email me via the Parish Clerk (davidjfwalton@aol.com).

Cllr Christine Millar – Chair of the Finance Committee
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