Decarbonising Whittington and Fisherwick

Cleaner and Cheaper Heat for our homes:

The Decarbonisation meeting on Wednesday 16th February was very well attended (and lively) with more than 40 people attending.

The next step is to review the options, and tell us what you think of them. A Questionnaire has been produced and we would like as many to be filled in as possible to demonstrate our community’s commitment to reducing carbon in our atmosphere.

The virtual survey can be found here:

In addition a hard copy of the flyer is available at the Whittington Newsagents, and once completed can be left there.

March 11th is the closing date for the survey.

The virtual survey can be found here: We have also embedded it onto the website under the ‘Share your views’ page.

We’ve pencilled-in March 11th as the closing date for the survey, which gives people three weeks to fill it out.