Grasscutting in the Parish

The Parish Council is trialling an adjustment to its grass mowing regime to allow some specific areas to be cut less often. It has been widely recognised in recent years that allowing areas to grow and flower more freely is greatly beneficial to pollinators and wildlife. This is a simple process that costs nothing. The changes to verges along Common Lane and Fisherwick Road close to the canal bridge have shown that this can also be very attractive adding to the ‘River of Flowers’ that has been such a widely welcomed feature in the village in recent years.

The areas concerned for the experiment have been carefully chosen and the plan is to keep a neat and tidy and mown appearance along roads and paths while allowing other areas to grow. The aim is to achieve an attractive balance between tidiness and less frequently mown zones. The Council is working closely with our contractors, Tonks Brothers, and will monitor the situation carefully and will modify as necessary depending on the results and resident feedback.

The areas affected are: entrance to the Birds Estate; Burton Road banks (some areas); an area on the north side of the Croft green space; area of Swan Park near to the canal.

Residents comments are welcome to our Parish Clerk via

People’s Award – Peter Hollis

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Garry Hyde, presented the Council’s first “People’s Award” to Peter Hollis at the Annual Parish Meeting held on 10th May. Councillor Hyde said that he is very pleased to be in a position to present this award to Peter, who had received multiple nominations from residents following his achievements in collecting numerous bags of rubbish throughout Whittington and Fisherwick, and the area looks a lot better as a result. Peter said that he is pleased to receive the award on behalf of himself and fellow “Lichfield Litter Legends” who regularly collect litter.

People’s Award

The Council has introduced an exciting new initiative. Whittington and Fisherwick is awash with people who do good works for others. Excellent examples are The Good Neighbours Scheme, volunteers at St. Giles Hospice, and of course those doing voluntary work at St. Giles Church.

The Council wants to recognise individuals who have stood out in the last year and gone above and beyond what is expected and the first award will be given at the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 10th May. The deserving recipient will be announced at the Meeting.

Annual Parish Meeting 10th May 2021

The Government has advised Councils to start having meetings in person from the 7th May. The first Meeting will take place on Monday 10th May, at 7pm, at the usual place of the Bit End Field Pavilion. The Annual Parish Meeting is one at which residents can ask questions and also to receive an update from the Chairperson of the Council – Mr Garry Hyde.

If you do want to attend please make sure you have had a negative Covid test within the last 24 hours.